Wol Hide is an intimate collection of easy feminine sweaters and loungewear, with occasional accessories and home textiles. The brand focuses on making strong sustainable connections driven by a desire to create quality, timeless pieces. Our products are made both in the USA and with small family run factories in Peru.


Started by Philadelphia based textile designer Leah D'Ambrosio from the love of sculpting textures and forms through knitting. Wol Hide strives to create soft, natural and comfy pieces. Layers that feel like second skin.




Current Projects include our throw collaboration with The Dogwood Dyer




She works in her Southern California studio using locally grown and foraged plants as well as ethically sourced dyestuffs, she aids in creating sustainable garments to be cherished. Unlike synthetic dyes that make up the vast majority of color seen today on clothing, The Dogwood Dyer's natural dyestuffs are made up of only plants & minerals that come from the earth with no laboratory or factory derived chemicals. To further reduce environmental impact of the process, water is minimally consumed with 80 percent of the refuse water recycled back into her gardens. 


A little bit about the dyes used
: Sometimes considered the king of all natural dye plants, Indigofera Tinctoria creates a rich true blue. This natural blue comes from an ancient process of indigo dyeing where the natural reaction of iron metal and lime catalyze the dyeing power of the plant based powder. No harsh synthetics were used to reduce the indigo (the process that must occur allowing the pigment to adhere to the cloth) and the deep color is built up on the cloth through many dips. 
Osage Orange: This native American heartwood possess natural insecticide properties (making it an ideal dyestuff for woolens to deter moths), and despite the color indicated in the name, creates a sunny yellow that is very lightfast and true. 
Cochineal: This new world dyestuff comes from the exoskeleton of a scale insect who spends their whole life feasting on prickly pear fruit. The color is highly prized due to the labor intensive practices involved in its production and a was revelation for European colonizers who had never seen such vibrant pinks, purples and scarlet colors. 
Fustic: This heartwood creates warm and earthy oranges to russet colors and is incredibly light fast and durable to sun exposure. It is native to the Americas and was used to dye the khaki colors of WWI uniforms.




Our sweatshirt sweater is made in New York with yarn from Sally Fox



A pioneer in growing and breeding high quality organic and color grown cotton. Her classical breeding program began in 1982 with a desire to produce a high quality fiber and enhance the natural beauty and color of cotton. The color and softness of the yarn reflects her years of work and determination.