Spring Sweaters are here! We make clothing rooted in textile processes. Everyday wear with natural, organic and regenerative fibers using minimal dyes. All crafted with care in the USA & Peru.

Artisan sweaters

Artisan Sweaters

Hand loomed or hand knit in Peru. Our artisan sweaters are crafted... 

Shop Circular

With conscious circular consumption and design, we can make great changes together for the health and future of our shared planet. We are proud to present our new Circular Shop where you can shop Resale and Rescues as well as Give Back any Wol Hide garment that has reached its end of life with you. Visit our Circular Shop to learn more.

Circular Shop

Clean clothes for your body

Easy Styles

Clean clothes for your body. Made in USA from fiber to garment... 


This organic cotton is grown in the USA, then woven and sewn...