Spring, Summer collection & thoughts on this moment in time

Spring, Summer collection & thoughts on this moment in time

Hey friends, how are you holding up? If you’re like me and most people I know, your answer to that question changes many times a day. It’s beyond a tough time right now, but we will get through it together.


It feels wrong to announce a new collection to you with the current state of our world, but this is something that I’ve worked on for the past year and I’m really proud to put it out into the world right now. I think we need comfort, beauty and ethical products more than ever.


This collection includes our biggest range of Easy styles, in organic domestic cotton, as always. Produced at a small factory in PA, not far from my studio. There are also more artisan sweaters from Peru, hand loomed in small workshops. We were able to use a lot of waste yarns here. The waste yarns are still 100% cotton, because I believe that the fiber content still matters for the environment and for you, using up waste is just a bonus. Our finer gauge styles are knit on industrial machines with our small family run factory in Peru, with 100% organic color grown cotton, blended with dyed organic cotton yarn. Theres also a bulky conventional cotton summer sweater and skirt set. 


This little brand is mostly a one woman show. I have many amazing partners who I rely on for production, sales, photography, pr, etc. but at the core of running this business, it’s just me. This pandemic came at a terrible time for me and most other small businesses in my industry. This is the time of year we’re shipping orders to stores, orders that we’ve already put a lot of energy and capital into selling and producing for our wholesale partners over the past year. Most boutiques are closing their doors for an unknown amount of time, and this is putting an incredible strain on them which trickles down to us, since they’re unable to pay for or take in our orders. I’m not telling you all of this as a cry for help, but just to put some humanity to this brand. I think small brands in the past have been afraid to show how truly small and vulnerable we are but now is the time for complete transparency. 


My studio, including all of my inventory is in my house. So I’m able to safely pack your orders, and I take all health precautions when packing. For the time being, I’ve changed all the shipping to UPS ground. I’m also going to ship only 1x a week, most likely on Fridays. I know our couriers are overwhelmed right now and I’d like to consolidate where I can and avoid over working them as much as I can control. 


Stay tuned for a couple of limited release styles to benefit our healthcare workers, more on that next week.

As a thank you for your support, I’m offering free domestic shipping on all orders through the end of March. No code needed.

Sending you much love and peace.

xo Leah 



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