Something from the garden

Something from the garden

A small collection of botanically dyed Easy styles. Dyed by hand using plant dyes, each one is unique. Honeycomb is a rich, soft yellow with the undyed, natural fabric showing through. Bright and warm like the sun in late summer evenings.

I wore my Honeycomb Easy set this weekend and wanted to share a little peek into my day and talk more about the process behind these pieces. First, we went for a morning walk in the park and stopped for a snack.

These pieces were dyed at a small natural dye house outside of Philadelphia. Pre-covid and pre-baby, I used to love driving out there, it's a beautiful landscape of farmland. Winona, who owns the dye house is truly dedicated to working with natural color and doing so in the best way for the environment. She collects rain water to use in the dye process and works with the local farms to compost dye waste. Her work is a labor of love.

It got hotter in the afternoon so I changed into shorts and we picked tomatoes from the backyard. I got lucky with tomato plants this year and can't pick the cherry tomatoes fast enough.

I think a lot of what makes natural dyes so beautiful and interesting, is what makes them difficult to produce on a large scale. The color is directly from plants, which, aren't exactly the same every year. Plants change, grow, they're affected by weather changes, so many elements are involved in producing the color. My husband and I visited a natural wine vineyard in Puglia a couple of years ago. The founder of this vineyard described himself as a grape grower, not a wine maker and described his wine as alive, not dead like wine made with lots of chemical inputs. I always relate this experience to yarn or dyes. The beauty of natural dyes is showcasing the intrinsic color of the plant. Honeycomb is dyed with Myrobalan, which is plant that grows in the foothills of the Himalayas. We love this yellow that comes from Myrobalan and the tonal variation that you can see in the hand crumpled pattern.

I ended the day with a tiny glass of wine on our porch.


Wearing the Easy Tank & Easy Shorts in Honeycomb, Easy Pants in Natural.

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