Shibori Dyed Styles / Covid 19 Donation

Shibori Dyed Styles / Covid 19 Donation

This special release collection of Easy Styles were an attempt at re-using past season’s styles, reviving them and giving them a new purpose and new life. We had a handful of Box Tees and Sweatshirts left from SS19, and were updating the styles for SS20 but we still feel like these past season styles are valid, quality products. The fashion industry has historically disregarded product from past seasons, making a consumer feel that they need to buy the new version. We strive to create products that you will want to wear for a long time. Just because one of our Easy Styles changes, doesn’t mean that the older version of it isn’t as good as the new one, it’s just different, it’s an evolution. So we took these left over styles and did a couple of tests with our dyer. We work with a natural dye company outside of Philadelphia, and gave them direction but some freedom to experiment with techniques. We ended up using a shibori technique, which is a hand manipulated resist dye technique. The Indigo styles were first put through a color removing process and then overdyed with indigo. The Dusty Rose styles were originally white and they were overdyed with cutch, another plant based dye. These are all done by hand and each one is different in saturation and texture variation. I love that in thinking ways not to waste or cheapen product, we ended up making special, one of a kind pieces. 

Stock and sizes are limited.


Profits from these tees will be donated to Philabundance, our local food bank. Philabundance seeks to drive hunger from our communities today and end hunger forever. They are working with the City of Philadelphia to help supply emergency food for individuals and families in need during the Covid 19 outbreak. 


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Here are a couple of photos from our dyer, Green Matters Natural Dye and their Indigo dyeing process.


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