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Sam Klemick from Otherside Objects

Posted by Leah D'Ambrosio on

Sam's furniture brand, Otherside Objects caught my attention a while ago. I love the exaggerated shapes she creates with smooth lines and softly textured fabrics. Her work combines new materials with discarded furniture and deadstock fabrics to reimagine traditional forms. She talks with us about her process, gives a peak into her work and her daily uniform.

Tell us about Otherside Objects, how did you get started making furniture?
My background is actually in fashion design.  I had been working in the fashion industry for around 12 years and was really craving the act of making something with my own hands.  I ended up moving back to LA after 6 years on the east coast and finally had some extra freetime.  I found an evening class at LA Woodshop and started learning the basic skills of wood working.  I quickly became quite obsessed with building furniture and wood turning, it was from there that my little business was born.  
I’m in love with your oversized, rounded wood shapes with clean, natural fabrics. I always think that keeping materials simple and raw highlights their natural beauty, which is something I strive for in sourcing. How do you go about finding your materials?
Thank you! I find my wood from a mix of different sources.  My favorite source is Martin's Yard.  It is a salvaged lumber yard in LA full of old growth douglas fir that has been salvaged from demolished construction sites.  They have a crew that go out everyday to different sites and collect old building beams and other pieces. I love that I can give these things a second life and have an old building beam become a bench leg.  
In terms of my use of neutral colors, I like for my work to feel calm. I also view my neutral pieces as a blank canvas for my clients.  I love that when people see my work I am not imposing on them a color scheme or print.  They can see the shape and then use their own creativity to decide how they want to reimagine the piece for their space.
How do you balance form and function in your designs?
I think it works out well for me that my chosen "forms" are usually completed with round and overstuffed cushions, so inherently my designs are comfortable.  I want my pieces to both look and feel comfortable, so form and function really go hand in hand for me.  I'd like to think I'm making people their own little personal cloud seats to go chill out on and escape the craziness of their day.
What’s inspiring you right now?
chia pets and the idea of indoor farming
Tell us about your personal style, what’s a typical uniform for you.
My personal style is pretty relaxed and full of stains haha.  I pretty much wear a large t-shirt with old levis and my work boots everyday and when it's chilly I live for a matching sweatsuit.  
Sam wears the Easy Winter Sweatshirt & Easy Sweatpant in Fir
& the Easy Coverall in Natural

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