Lane Harlan from Clavel, WC Harlan, Fadensonnen & Angels Ate Lemons in Baltimore

During this holiday season, this time of overconsumption and over gifting, we want to highlight a couple women who inspire us in different ways but especially in the way they choose to live and consume consciously. 
Our final story of the season is with Lane Harlan from Clavel, WC Harlan, Fadensonnen & Angels Ate Lemons in Baltimore. She's the visionary behind the bars / restaurants. Going to her places, you can feel the genuine inspiration and authenticity of the space, the food, and the vibe. It's inspiring to be in a space where you can tell it's someones original point of view brought to life through their passion. Her style resonates past her business and into her home and personal style. 

What do you do to unwind and decompress?

Stretch, bath time, long walks to and from work, monthly massages, and I lift heavy weights 3 times a week at a gym with no machines or mirrors. It’s my church.


Do you have any cold weather self care tips? 

Stay active and move your body as much as possible. It’s so easy to hibernate when the sky gets dark so early. 


Is there a recent purchase you’re excited about, outside of clothing?

Plane tickets to Japan in February. 


Do you have a go to winter comfort food?

My Mother’s Sinigang soup. It’s a Filipino recipe of sour tamarind, winter vegetables, and pork bones.


What are you looking forward to most about the holiday season?

Building fires outside and smelling like them.









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