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Courtney Coll from Docs Family Farm

Posted by Leah D'Ambrosio on

We caught up with long time friend and collaborator, Courtney to talk a bit about her work, her excitement for summer and support for small and sustainable businesses. Courtney is a multi talented creative working as a model, creative director on projects for brands she loves all while starting a farm with her family in Northern California where she farms, manages the branding and creates clothing collections based on the farm ethos.


Tell us about Docs Family Farm! How did you get this started?
Doc’s got started about 5 years ago when my family bought the land in Northern California. It’s a family project we decided to do together. My brothers live up there full time managing the land and I do all the creative side of the brand. I love working on Doc’s stuff and we have been recently collaborating with friends and artist which I love! 
You’ve always been a big supporter of Wol Hide and other small, sustainably minded brands. Tell us about some of your favorite lifestyle / beauty brands these days.
I have always been a conscious shopper and supportive of smaller brands! I understand the struggle to keep a small brand going and making sure you are conscious about the materials you are using, which in the end is more expensive to do these days. Big fan of wol hide and have been since the beginning- so thank you for making such beautiful pieces!! I love Story MFG, Older brother, babaa, and VINtAGE! They always inspire me white using eco practices!! Beauty brand I love are Osea , Activist, and Monetary Made. Less is more for me with beauty- I try not to use too much. Water and diet have a lot to do with beauty so I try to focus on that!!!
It seems like you have a lot going on and you have your creative hands in a lot of different ventures. It also seems like you truly love everything that you do which I know can keep you inspired and energized. How do you decompress if you get overwhelmed with all of your projects? 
I love having so much going on at once, it’s kinda crazy! I do find sometimes I am overwhelmed and the best for me to do when I feel that is go on a long walks. It actually helps me come back to the table and realistically think about the order in which stuff needs to get done in. Getting outside taking little breaks during the day just to even smell the flowers, really re-sets me. 
What are you looking forward to most about this coming summer season?
I am a summer birthday, so summer is my favorite months!! I love swimming in the rivers and lakes around Northern California! Road tripping and sleeping outside, these summer months are the best for all the outdoor activities! 
Courtney wears
Easy Pant & Box Shell in Fir
Textured Tank & Rolled Hem Short in Flax

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