Colorgrown Cotton

Colorgrown Cotton

Our Sweatshirt Sweaters this season are knit with organic colorgrown cotton. Grown in California, spun in North Carolina and knit in NYC. These are not dyed! Not treated with any harsh chemicals.



These heritage colored varieties are believed to have originated around 5,000 years ago in the Andes and were kept alive by hand spinners in indigenous communities. They have been nearly bred out of existence because the white cotton was seen as superior for its longer fiber length and uniform color for industrial use.


The yarn we used is grown by Sally Fox of Foxfibre, a pioneer in organic cotton farming, she has spent her career breeding and growing these naturally colored cottons. Determined to breed & grow cotton organically (and the first to do so in the US) she started working with these heritage breeds because of their natural pest and drought resistance. She was able to make cotton that kept its beautiful color but had longer fiber lengths so that it was usable in industrial yarn processing. There are no dyes or chemical processes done to this yarn, it's beauty is 100% natural.



We first started working with Sally in 2015 and are thrilled to work with her again and showcase her beautiful work. Check out her instagram for her story. Her determination to grow cotton that is safe for farmers, mill workers and consumers is incredibly inspiring. 


Did you know that today, only less than 1% of cotton grown in the world is done so organically? Sally has been fighting for organic practices since the early 80's. We're hopeful with more consumer awareness and demand, we can change the industry to be better for our planet and better for our health. 


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