A Yarn to Clear the Air

A Yarn to Clear the Air


This is more than a sweater. This is a movement.


We have always been a brand focused on quality, ethical production, and most of all, the impact of our materials on the planet. When we started, we dreamt of producing sweaters on a small scale, using domestic, regional farmers who not only care about the animals they raise and the fibers they produce but their impact on the land they use to raise them. A garment made with the whole picture in mind, one that supports our local economies and encourages the growth of healthy soil to combat climate change. A couple years ago, we found the right partners and that dream started coming to life.


Introducing, our Regional Climate Beneficial project. A range of sweaters produced right here in the USA, using farms for our fibers whose practices reduce carbon in our atmosphere.


The sweater starts with the most local of resources. Our yarns are sourced from small farms raising sheep breeds that live and thrive in our region. Supporting such farms helps to ensure biodiversity in our world and contributes to better soil and cleaner air for the local community where they are raised.


All of the yarns used on this project are undyed, reducing our environmental footprint further. The fibers are minimally processed, without chemical whiteners. The color of the sweater you select - be it brown, gray or natural - will change slightly each year because it is the same color that came right off the sheep’s back. Part of the beauty of the garment is this evolution of color.


Lastly and perhaps most importantly, is the regenerative farming processes that our partners follow. Their practices are focused on improving soil health in order to maximize the drawdown of carbon from the atmosphere. All farms we work with are certified as Climate Beneficial by Fibershed - the gold standard nonprofit supporting the growth of regional fiber systems. Their mission is to enhance biodiversity by providing habitats for pollinators, birds and other species, improve the water-holding capacity of soil, and restore healthy ecosystems.


In times such as these, when our world is overwhelmed by the wasteful excesses of our forebears, it is crucial for us to seek out a better way. With this project, we are taking steps towards a more intimate and more thoughtful and healing way of making clothes. We hope wearing these sweaters resonates with you as much as making them has with us.



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