Alex Auder from Magu Yoga

During this holiday season, this time of overconsumption and over gifting, we want to highlight a couple women who inspire us in different ways but especially in the way they choose to live and consume consciously. 

Our second story is about Alex Auder from Magu Yoga in Philadelphia. She owns and runs Magu and teaches classes there (her classes have become my favorite mental and physical stretch).  Beyond Magu, she is well known for calling out the wellness industry on it's hypocrisies. Her instagram is a collection of hilarious and honest performance art videos of her mocking the industries, they're a genuine point of view through a raw creative process.
What do you do to unwind and decompress?
A simple tequila cocktail with good friends and at least a couple of hours of sharing obscene jokes and reenactments of the past weeks worth of modern absurdities. Or stare out the window breathing slowly.

Do you have any cold weather self care tips?
Never take off wol hide bomber, move very little so as not to get smelly and then have to take of the bomber to wash it, but also shower very little so as not to have to take if off (although that creates more of a smell risk…so weigh your options here), wear many many layers at all times (bomber being top layer) and do not shave body hair (no problem if you stop showering… but remember if you stop showering that means you must move very little to try and smell less).

Is there a recent purchase your excited about, outside of clothing?
Yes, a small box I ordered from Santa Fe called:  The Empty Nest. You are meant to lock inside it a tiny little chip with an edited recording of various candid moments that reflect the horror of your family life over its’ span. When the nest empties you are meant to open the box and watch the little horror movie so as not to feel bad at all that you now have an empty nest.

Do you have a go to winter comfort food?

What are you looking forward to most about the holiday season?
Jan 2nd, when it ends.
Alex wears the Box Bomber in black,
Layering Rib Mockneck in Currant,
Easy Sweatpant in Natural from AW19,
and the Layering Bodysuit in Currant
from AW18.
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